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Website & DNS Hosting for MSPs

Simplified and secure website and DNS hosting for your clients.  

Hyper Secure.  Multiple layers of hardware and software security, including web application firewalls are included.

Super Fast.  Using the fastest, custom-tuned web servers with caching, your client’s websites will fly.

Protect Email, Secure DNS.  Eliminate the hassle of configuring DMARC, SFP, DKIM and DNSSEC.  We’ll do it for you!

Web BDR. Hourly backups with a year of retention are at your fingertips.  We also include geo-redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

100% Whitelabel.  You get a branded billing & management portal for your clients, custom name servers, dedicated IP and more.

24/7/365 Support.  Email, Chat and US-based Phone support is here around the clock.  When you need us, we’re here!

For You:

24/7/365 Multi-Channel Support

US-based phone support with email and chat options.  Reach out any time for help!

Actual Whitelabel Solution

Your logo, your company name, your domain name.

Dedicated IPs

Each MSP is assigned a dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 address.  This is dedicated to you and your clients.

Prevents reputation issues and ensures that anyone looking deeper in your client’s webistes will only find you and your clients.

IP delgation is available upon request (puts your name and information on the IP lookup).

Reverse DNS will show your prefered server name.

Custom Control Panel

Provide your clients (and their developers) with direct access to manage and maintain their website and domain.  By default we restrict problematic settings (such as name servers and MX records).

This is whitelabled for your company and uese your domain name.  There’s no coding required, no hosting or updating.  We manage it for you.

Optionally, you can bill clients through this portal for web services and add-ons such as additional domain names.

Branded DNS Nameservers

We’ll help you setup branded DNS servers (

This helps further your brand and services.

For Your Clients:

Domain Registration & Renewal with Privacy

The first domain registration or transfer for each client (up to $20/yr) is included.  We take care of any transfer or registration costs and ongoing annual renewal as long as your client’s account is active.

Domain privacy is also included to protect your client’s contact information.

Unlimited* SSD Storage

Big or small, we can host them all.  To prevent abuse, each client site is provisioned with 10GB of ultra-fast SSD storage.  Simply submit a support ticket to request an increase.


Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is a complex, multi-layered system that protects DNS hijacking.  It allows the computer to verify that it’s request is being sent to the right server.

We will fully manage the setup and maintainance of DNSSEC for you.


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an authentication method for outbound emails designed to prevent spoofing.  It’s a digital signature that’s included in every email and verified by the recieving email server.  

If the client’s email platform supports it (the major ones do) we will assist with the configuration and setup.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is another authentication method for sending email.  It’s a list of servers that are allowed to send email from a specific domain name.

We will assist with setting this up and managing it.  Often there are multiple services that a client uses to send email, such as a CRM or marketing platform.  It’s super important that these be added to SPF and have DKIM setup when possible.


Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformace (DMARC) is a reporting and enforcement protocol for SPF and DKIM.  It tells the recieving server what to do with messages that violate any of the sending policies.

We’ll setup DMARC for you and assist with adding any reporting platforms you prefer to use.


We provide built-in website caching that’s integrated with popular platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

You have complete control of what is cached, how it’s cached and when to clear the cache.

We’re here to help in any way we can!

Scan to Email Account

We will provide a basic SMTP email account for your clients (  This eliminates the complex setup and maintaince of M365 (bypassing MFA, whitelisting IPs, encryption issues) or having a paid account (G Suite).

For enhanced security, these are routed through a completely different server, protecting you and your clients. 

Hourly Backups with 365 Day Retention

Disaster recovery for websites.  This was designed to support demanding ecommerce sites, our hourly backups with 365 day retention provide peace of mind.

Backups are taken offsite daily to a geographically different location.

Backups are powered by JetBackup, come preconfigured and are monitored in realtime by our NOC.

Free Direct SSL Certificate

Each website is automatically provisioned with an SSL certificate.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The internet is a scary place and automated systems are constantly trying to hack into anything they can see.  This places websites front and center.

The included WAF monitors specific application vulnerabilities (such as WordPress admin login pages) and automatically blocks brute force attacks, script-behind attacks and much more.  With automatic detection and protection of more than a dozen different applications, you can rest easy.

Multiple CDN Integrations

Built-in integrations with multiple CDNs including CloudFlre and  This allows your client’s website to load quickly from anywhere on the globe.

All of this for only $29/month per client

It’s Easy

No minimums. 

No contracts.

Actual Whitelabel Hosting

Your logo, your company name, your domain name and dedicated IP addresses (v4 & v6). Your client retains complete control and ownership of their domain name. Optionally you can bill them through the portal or combine billing with your existing agreements.

24/7 MSP-Centric Support

We know MSPs because we are one.  Get the immediate, in-depth technical support you deserve.

Business Continuity

We built this solution and battle tested it with our own clients.  Uptime and reliability are parament.  Hourly backups, geo-redundant DNS servers and massive IP transit pipes.

90 Days of Free Hosting

Let us help you move over at least two client websites and we’ll provide free hosting for 90 days regardless of how many sites you bring over.